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Tolladine Mission CIO

Christian Mission and Housing in Tolladine

Tolladine Mission CIO is a charity delivering Christian Mission and social housing in Tolladine. Tolladine is an area of Worcester with high levels of need and a strong sense of community. The CIO aims to meet some of the spiritual and housing needs in the community.


We work closely with the Church of England Diocese of Worcester in the parishes of St Barnabas with Christ Church, St Wulstans and St Nicholas. We promote the Churches' work through mission within the community.


We aim to have a Mission Community in Tolladine who will energise and motivate the people of Tolladine as a call to action for the people. Our vision is for a self-funding model where Missioners work part time for the Mission in return for accomodation, but also work part time elsewhere. The Mission will be partly funded by the provision of social supported housing.



We are a social enterprise, providing supported social housing to local families at risk of homelessness. We aim to provide environmentally sustainable homes which meet local housing needs such as overcrowded families or older people in homes that are too expensive to heat and maintain.

We currently have one property in management which provides supported housing for a family who would otherwise struggle to maintain a tenancy. The aim is to acquire and build more housing which would be made available to vulnerable households in need in Tolladine.

Our aim is to build up a portfolio of properties in the area, some of which will be used to house hard-to-home tenants in the community. We plan to make good use of the former Christ Church vicarage to provide social housing and to build some Eco units to allow people to downsize to smaller properties. Over time this would enable us to purchase larger empty properties, renovate them and make them available to tenants in the area that need family accommodation. As soon as the property portfolio generates enough money, the CIO is committed to channel any surplus into Mission and housing in the area, whatever form that takes.


Our Trustees

Stephen Ruddle (Chair)

Chris Russell
Helen Scarrett
Reverend Sarah Northall

Tim Bennett


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